New York League of Arts

New York League of Arts (NYLoA) was incorporated in 2019 and was legally acknowledged as a New York City based 501c3 arts organization in June of 2020.


To encourage art, community, and civic engagement through collective communal efforts in the New York City and Black Rock Desert region.
To be a legal entity that enables the New York Burning Man community to hold Decompression and other community events as well as fund public projects (such as art, activism, and educational endeavors).


To foster community by helping to facilitate the creative process through public art, education and community enhancing projects and events.
To produce Burning Man inspired Community events in the New York City region and surroundings fostering a sense of empowerment, involvement and community.
To guide, nurture, protect, and be transparent with the New York Burning Man regional community, and to benefit the larger community beyond the Burning Man Decompression event.
To embrace the principles of Burning Man in all of our events, activities, civic and community initiatives in which this body/groups partners with the community
To generate, distribute and maintain funding for public art, educational endeavors as well as civic projects in a participatory and transparent partnership with the NYC Community.

2018: A team of community leaders were able to organize a Decompression event, bringing back this annual Burning Man community rite of passage following an 8-year hiatus in New York City. Monies raised above the direct event costs were placed in the dedicated NYLoA account to fund future Decompression events and art grants.
2019: NYLoA established bylaws, a board and a framework to apply to for 501c3 status. NYLoA backed the second successful Decompression event.

2020: The organization's Board issued a call for art grant applications, announced the opportunity for all interested community members to participate in the review committee, convened that committee to review project applicants, but then canceled the selection process because of the 2020 event cancellations anticipated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NYLoA received its official 501c3 status.

2021: NYLoA remained inactive due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.
2022: NYLoA solidified its process for art grants, once again issuing comprehensive announcements inviting community members to participate and apply, and administered a set of formal art grants.
NYLoA backed the third successful Decompression event on September 22.
2023: The art grants committee awarded 4 projects, with funds to use towards their creations.
2024: Art grants open in May and will be announced in June.

NYLoA is looking for community volunteers to assist in the process of reviewing art for the 2023 arts awards.

NYLoA will post on BurningMan.NYC Social Channels INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER & New York Burning Man Announcement list via email with those details around April/May. Who is a good fit to be on the review board? Anyone who can make the time to review applications on multiple days and can effectively communicate why/why not an application is a good fit when given parameters. 


Announcementa will be posted on BurningMan.NYC Social Channels INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER  & the New York Burning Man Announcement list

All art and immersive experiences that originate from the New York City region and are created for the Burning Man Community can be submitted for consideration, regardless of the intended event or venue. Specific grant details will be available prior to the application process.


*Application Request - 5/3

*Application Due - 6/3

*Honorarium Board Member Meeting - approximately 6/5 (subject to schedule poll of Board committee members)

*Projects Chosen/Announced - 6/13

If you would like to sign up for our grant review board you may do so at this link.

Current NYLoA Board Members
Daniel Zen - Burning Man NYC Regional Contact
Nicole Possin (aka Brooklyn) - Burning Man NYC Regional Contact 

Stefan Spins - Former Burning Man NYC Regional Contact

Shiny Galeani - Producer of Decompression 2022 and countless other Burning Man NYC events